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Matthew Sheen

By GPS California, 02/24/20, 4:00PM PST


NEW! Scout Report - February

Matthew Sheen

Matthew Sheen

Matthew Sheen is one of 8 players selected in our new monthly "Scout Report" segment for February 2020. His selection for the GPS National Team Camp & making the 2005 Boys National Team makes him a worthy selection for February.

Matthew currently plays for Global Premier Soccer Los Angeles 2005 Red team. He has been involved in the GPS FC Bayern Programs since 2017 at U13 in L.A. Matthew and his identical twin brother Jake are fantastic examples to all of our players in California about dedication to learning and improving, hard work and intrinsic motivation can do for a player.

Matthew Sheen - Player Profile

Current Team - GPS LA 2005 Boys Red 

FC Bayern ID Program History - 2017

First Soccer Memory - "My dad was a soccer player so as soon as I could walk, we had soccer balls in the house.  I remember playing with my brothers and kicking the ball around the halls of my house.  I still kick the ball in the house, and my mom hates it!"

Best Soccer Experience - My best memory of soccer is in AYSO when I played on the Predators.  We took 1st in the Regional league championships and went to the finals in the Area championships where I scored the winning goal in overtime.  My dad was the coach of the team and my two brothers and other great friends were on the team.  

Favourite Club - Manchester City

Favourite Position - Defensive Midfield

Favourite Foot - My favoured foot is right, but because I’m naturally left-handed I'm pretty strong with both feet. 

Best attribute - Passing, breaking lines in particular and awareness

Area Of Development - Take more risks on the ball

Ambitions -  My ambition out of soccer is to attend college at a university, getting my business degree and work my way up in the business world.  My ambition in soccer is to play for a D1 college and try to get signed to play professionally.  

Favourite Player -  Andrea Pirlo -  "his incredible awareness and his ability to make inch-perfect passes to anybody on the field."

Biggest Influence - Father- "My biggest influence/role model is my dad because of his work ethic.  His love for soccer has impacted my life and he’s taught me that success never comes without hard work."